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Custom Processing Your Fiber

Notice that as of fall 2021 there has been an increase of approximately 10%. This is due to the increase in expense (mainly encountered in the scouring agents and antistatic agents). 


Price is based on incoming weight. I need to remove all grease and dirt prior to processing. Angora bunny doesn't require washing (usually). Even if you've washed the fleece, I may need to rewash it to remove residue. The fiber goes through a couple soapy soaks and a rinse. Expect weight loss from washing. Wool can loose anywhere up to 50% loss, llama and alpaca around 10%.  $7 per pound (scouring or washing only is $10 per pound)


This cost is already calculated in the price for yarn. Unless I need to precard fibers due to vegetable material in a fleece, or to open up lock structure. Fine wools tend to require this as well. Roving dropped into bag & batts or clouds is $8.00/lb. Roving into balls or bumps $9.00/lb. Measured balls or bumps $10.00/lb. Price is calculated based on outgoing weight.

Rug Yarn

Twine or Cotton core options as well as variables suck as thickness. If you have an example of what you want made, by all means, please send it. I can make it thick or thin, more durable for high traffic rugs or loose twist for a more pliable craft. $18 per pound based on outgoing weight


Lace, Fingering, Sport, DK, Worsted, Aran, Bulky or Lopi. This price is for both yarn on cones and yarn put into skeins. All yarns will either be steam set or washed prior to leaving. If you are blending fibers to go into yarn, there is a charge of $8 per pound based on the weight being blended. The yarn is $35 per pound priced on outgoing weight.


This is beneficial on a fleece with guard hairs. I don't do this process on all fleeces. It must be requested. Also works taking out short fibers known as second cuts. Price is calculated based on weight prior to dehairing. If it requires more than one pass through the machine, I base the price on the weight prior to dehairing each pass. Ideal for icelandic wool, llama, older huacaya alpaca, and pygora goat. If you are looking for an end product to be worn next to the skin, this is helpful in making it as soft as it can be. $8 per pound 

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